Installment Loan

  It’s a development that is positive for anyone planning a major purchase and considering using a loan – interest rates are in free fall. The unanimous opinion of almost all financial experts is that the current low-interest phase is THE time to make the necessary investments by means of a very cheap loan. But

Ignorance in the Information of Crediting

It is not, because a recent and especially representative survey of the pollster FORSA shows exactly such a result. Forty-two percent of all respondents who have used a credit line or are currently using it do not know the amount of their interest rate for this credit line. Unbelievable considering that these very people are

Where is the Loan Best to Take – Payday Loan

There are more and more loan institutions on the market, and at the same time an increasing number of people are interested in borrowing money. The development of the non-banking financial sector was significantly influenced by the development of the Internet and tightening the criteria for granting loans by banks after the global crisis at